Sunday, April 1, 2007

Gem Socks

I am so thrilled to have finally completed this sock set! I have always wanted to incorporate beading into my knitting and with this sock set; I finally have. I designed the leg cuff myself which makes them all the more pleasing to me. My youngest son took one look at them and told me that I should call them the "Gem Socks" because to him, the beads look like little gems. I decided that any kid with that much imagination needed to be rewarded so I have officially named them the "Gem Socks."

Baby Socks

I guess you can say I love to knit socks! I love a project that I can finish in a reasonable amount of time. I have found though I tend to get left over yarn from my sock knitting and decided a good way to use it up would be to make baby socks for gift giving. I attend an active church and it seems there is always someone having a baby. LOL! Usually, I am not prepared in advance and scrambling to produce or buy something at the last minute for the showers; although admittedly, I have missed the last few baby showers. This time I have decided to get prepared ahead of time and use that left over yarn to get prepared and hopefully, by the time the next new little one arrives to the church membership, I will have an army of little socks ready to gift.