Thursday, May 28, 2009

Retireing from knitting and quilting for a while

What, retire you say, how does one retire from these hobbies and still feed their creativeness? Simple switch hobbies. ROFL! I am actually not trying anything new. I am just picking up on an old hobbie I used to love but abandoned some years back. I am returning to counted cross-stitching. I actually used to design charts of counted cross-stitch and hand painted needle point canvases for a local shop in the 1990's but that work took over so much that I rarely had time to actually sit down and stitch anything for myself. There are times when I do actually miss designing and selling but then I think of all those long hours I spent at it and think meh, I would rather design and stitch for myself. There are so many designers on the market as it is. I even have a few favorite designers. Theresa Wentzler and Nora Corbett both have outstanding designs and are particular favorites of mine. I am still working on the Fairy Idyll design Nora Corbet created for Mirabelia more then a dozen years ago. In fact I am posting my progress here. This is the main project I am trying to complete at the moment. The beadwork in this design is down right gorgeous. I am also working on a special project. I took my great grandparents wedding photo from 1899 and imported it into PC Stitcher and created a nice cross - stitching chart with it. I can hardly wait to get this made. I am hoping it will turn into quite the masterpiece and an heirloom to be passed down.

Above is Nora Corbett's Fair Idyll design in progress.

And below is my great grandparents wedding photos also in progress.