Sunday, November 11, 2007

The latest update

Decided it was high time I update this blog. I have not been sewing or knitting as much as I would have liked since the last time I updated in April. I have had my nose buried in an MMORPG which translates in normal language...killing brain cells by playing one of those online computer games. I have decided not to continue in the game that I was playing. I have since been introduced to a different game by my nephew and I find it to be a far more relaxing and enjoyable game. But it will not be the kind I spend endless hours playing. At least I hope not. :)

I recently started and finished a crochet afghan for my youngest dear son. He seems to really be enjoying it. I have also started work on another needle-turn hand appliqué block for a Baltimore Album style quilt. I used the Electric Quilt software program to design the layout and chose my block patterns from the software's expansive library.

I really enjoy needle - turn appliqué. I do find it to be not only very creative but also very relaxing so it is very rewarding for me when I complete a block.

I know, many women today gasp at the idea of handwork. It is not for everyone. It is however something I love.