Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My first finish for 2010!

This is actually an old project I started two years ago and forgot about thus turning it into a UFO. I am not talking about aliens from outer space though sometimes I wonder about some of these projects I have. I realize that the non-crafty friends of mine that may have just been sent to this blog per my request may not have the slightest clue about some of these little crafty terms we crafters and hobbiest often use. In craft speak a UFO = UnFinished Objects which we eventually find our way back to working on and turn them into WIPs = Works In Progress. I found this crochet afghan blanket last December in the forgotten state of UFO and it quickly became a WIP which I found to be a rather enjoyable project to work on. I had forgotten just how much I actually enjoy the process of crochet. I am pleased with the finished piece and as you can see so are the pets. LOL, if you spread it, they will come and hop on top of it. The dog is Mr. Frodo and the little white feline is our youngest cat Zelda the zany. She is so much fun and has quite the sense of humor about her. I rescued her from a cemetery as a wee little kitten that still needed lots of help. She was deathly ill and we had to buy special kitten formula to feed to her. I wasn't too sure she would survive but the plan was to get her healthy and find her a good home. Well here she is four years later and I guess we became her good home, lol. She follows me everywhere in this house! As soon as I spread this afghan out to get a good look at it and photos, both the dog and Zelda immediately hopped up and planted themselves. This afghan is now in my oldest son's collection in his room. He seemed to be rather pleased with it.