Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crochet for Pine Ridge Reservation

This has been a busy few weeks with the hook flying so to speak.  I am working on a care package of items to go out hopefully soon to the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota. I still have space in my box for a few more items so I need to get back to work. I have found so many free patterns on the internet that just beg to be used and what better way then to use them to help another person. There are at least a few clothing drives each year for the reservation where winters are harsh and income is severely lacking. It is my hope that someone out there encountering my blog will see this post and will decide to take a stand and aid these people as I and many others working with the "Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation" are doing.  You can learn how you too can help by clicking on this link. Clothing and Winter Gear Donation Drive for the Community of Red Shirt

On a much sadder note, the reservation is suffering with the loss of life from this summer. Over the course of seven weeks there were seven suicides among it's people. I have been told the oldest was age 30 and the youngest was only a 12 year old child. For those  of you who are people of faith I ask that you keep those families held up in prayer.

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