Monday, February 10, 2014

A new way of torture?

Not really but it is feeling a bit like it.

Today I am practicing the art of making Cluny Leaves which are used in tatting. Every time I attempt to learn a new technique, my poor fingers get the workout. This is definitely the case today with the cluny leaf. It is a bit like trying to walk and chew gum at the same time as the saying goes. At first, positioning my fingers in this manner and holding them in place has been quite awkward. I tried holding them precisely the way I saw it done in instructional videos ( I love youtube!) { video by Tatmantats  }and website directions { "Tatting Cluny Leaves by hand" }.  As well as having attended a live online class by Georgia Seitz  WELCOME TO THE HOME OF THE ONLINE TATTING CLASS I should be well on my way. I have found that what works best for me though is to come to terms with the basic technique and then figure out the best way for me to go about it while finding some way of doing it without undo stress on my arthritic fingers. This is actually very good exercise for them, keeps them more limber by keeping them in motion. Why go through all this bother? Anything worth learning and doing is worth learning and doing well. I know I will eventually have this mastered so long as my fingers survive the process. I would really like to make this doily but not until I have the art of making cluny leaves as a second nature. I also want to finish up a doily that I am currently in the process of making. My son Jared bought me this wonderful, wonderful book "Tatted Treasures" by Jan Stawasz for my birthday last month. It has some of the most breath-taking work I have ever seen! I am in the slow process of working the first doily from the book which is also on the cover of the book.  Here is your sneak peek!

Time to go "torture" my hands and fingers some more. I WILL get the cluny leaf mastered! 

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