Monday, February 12, 2007

"Butterfly" Quilt

I created the blocks for this quilt between 2001 and 2005. I found this butterfly appliqué design in a magazine that featured quilt designs from the 1930s and kicked it up a notch by using todays fabrics. I chose to make it even more scrappy by using numerous left overs from other projects for the squares borders. Each block had two rows of squares bordering it then were sewn together to create the whole quilt top which I layered and quilted using my sewing machine. I gave this quilt to one of my aunts in May 2006.


Serendipity Crafts said...

This may be an "older post" but I have to say that your quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

aka butterfly + quilt lover

Ann H. said...

Thank you Elizabeth. The funny thing about this particular quilt is that at the time I completed it; I just wasn't too sure I was pleased with the outcome however I have since fallen in love with it so much that I fully intend to make another one only next time I will make it a tad wider and longer as well as keep it for myself.