Monday, February 12, 2007

"Fan Quilt"

This fan quilt was one of my first quilts. I started this during the first gulf war under President George Bush the senior. I can remember being in the fabric store buying some of my fabrics for this and learning that the US had declared war. I remember being glued to the television watching the war coverage as I sewed the blades for these fans together and to the the unbleached muslin background block. I finished piecing together this quilt by hand then tucked it away for many many years before pulling it back out in late 2001 and began hand quilting it. I would often put it away for a few months at a time then pull it back out to work on it here and there. I eventually completed this quilt about a year ago and gave it to my oldest son. He chose the green fabric that was used in each of the fans as a young toddler as well as the blue fabric which has a sailboat design on it. Not what I would have chosen but it was what he insisted we needed to get at the time. LOL!

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