Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mr. Frodo

People hear me talk about this goofy fellow all the time. How can I not? LOL! He is such a fun and funny little dog. We named him after the main hobbit character in the J. R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings trilogy due to the mere description of hobbits in general. If you think about it hobbits are small, big hairy feet. Pekingese dogs are small and notorious for their big hairy feet. It seemed like a no-brainer to me. The thing about our little Frodo is that we believe he is a tad confused about being a dog. He rooms with 3 cats, 2 of which have photos on this page as well. (I misplaced my photos of my youngest cat and need to track those down.) He seems to respond to us best when we yell out "here kitty, kitty." Yes, I have to say he is confused. However when it comes to the term "lap dog" well this is whole separate thing altogether and he takes his job as "lap dog" extremely seriously. It actually gets a tad annoying at times to have to constantly remove him from ones lap when trying to accomplish stuff about the house. He has also made life very difficult for me to work on hand quilting. I like to hand quilt using a small hoop rather then at a quilting frame. This requires the bulk of the quilt to reside in my lap. This measure usually means Mr. Frodo is not allowed on my lap so he sits as close to me as possible and whines at me the entire time until I give in to his ear piercing demands and put the quilting away and make my lap available to him once again. He is my constant companion! :)

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