Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Lady Galadriel

This has to be the sweetest cat I have ever encountered. She is extremely loving to everyone she meets. The thing that is so unique about this is that Galady was a very feral cat when I located her in a local no-kill shelter. She was extremely wild and avoided everyone for most of her first year in our home. My oldest son was the first one in the family to really begin to establish a friendship with her. Our Siamese has never been happy about this addition to the home and the two are mortal enemies. Yet somehow, Galady has manged to find her way and avoids Sophie at all costs. The fact that Sophie is blind has made this a little easier for her. Galady has a tiny, tiny meow but a purr that can be heard in the next room. She seems to have taken to my husband the best and is constantly camped out on his lap or on his computer desk blocking his view of the monitor. She has grown a lot since these photos were taken and weighs in well over 20 pounds. Yes she needs to go on a diet but try telling her that. lol!

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