Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Warm winter socks

It must be winter time because the knitting needles and yarn are screaming out to me. I found this lovely yarn just a few weeks ago on Thanksgiving and had to get it for some cozy warm winter socks. I love it. They are so soft and keep my feet toasty. Yep, I already wore them and have had them in the wash. They came out great. It feels good to be knitting again! I used the "Magic Loop" method to knit them and did my own basic sock pattern of a 64 cast on working a 2k, 2p rib for 6 inches for a fold over cuff though they don't have to be folded over. After I finished the ribbing I reduced from 64 to 48 by doing a k2, k2tog for one row then knitted 10 rows straight stockinette stitch. I worked my heel over 24 stitches of row 1: slip 1, k1 and row 2 slip 1 perlwise and perl across for my desired heel length and worked the traditional sock method of turning the heel, working the instep by picking up 16 stitches on each side of my heel flap and working in alternating rows of reducing a stitch on each side of the foot and knitting without reducing until my stitches were reduced to 48 stitches on the needle then I worked straight knitting stockinette until my desired foot length to the start of the toes then I worked alternate reduction rounds just as before but reduced 2 stitches on each side of the foot for the toe shaping until I was down to 8 stitches and closed the toes using kitchner's ( I am sure I did not spell that right) technique. I am really pleased with how they turned out.


Lynn said...

I LOVE those colors! Beautiful! HOPING my sister sends me some hand knit socks for Christmas!

TravisMom said...

Love them and the color.